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Podiatrists can diagnose, treat and cure any problems below the ankle joint. The more common problems include corns, callus, verrucae, ingrowing nails and fungal infections. Chiropodists are qualified to give local anaesthetics, perform minor surgery and carry out mechanical examinations with regard to foot structure gait. They can also prescribe orthotics / insoles to help correct mechanical problems. A strict antiseptic routine is carried out between every patient, including full instrument sterilisation. With its 26 bones, 33 muscles and 100 ligaments, the foot requires proper care and attention to keep functioning well. 


Lomax Podiatry  opened in 1985 and has grown steadily over the last 32 years into one of the Largest and busiest clinics in the country, established initially by Mark Lomax  the clinic has moved from a single handed practice into  a practice with 5 Podiatry practitioners, All chiropodists are HCPC registered and under go continual professional development they are also have a minimum of 15 years experience. We Pride ourselves on giving professional friendly foot care with treatments for the simplest nails and callus issues to more complex Bio Mechanics and Minor Surgery.

  • The clinic benefits from the state of the art modern equipment and communal areas are relaxed and welcoming. With a fully staffed reception you will always receive a warm welcome and feel at ease.                                

  • We have full instrument sterilisation and a strict antiseptic regime between patients.                                                                                                                         

  • Lomax Podiatry is based at St Georges Multi Therapy Centre, 50, St Georges Rd, Bolton, BL1 2DD, in the centre Of Bolton with great parking and disabled access at the rear of the building. ​                                                     

  • To book an appointment you can phone our reception 01204361463 or book on line via the web site or at 

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